Innovative Approach: Grandma Charges Family for Christmas Feast, Including Toddlers

During the holiday season, Caroline Duddridge, a 64-year-old woman, has a unique approach to her family’s Christmas dinner. Instead of preparing the meal for free, she asks her family members to pay for their meals, including the younger ones. In an interview, Duddridge explained that she returned to work as a supply teaching assistant to cope with the rising cost of living. She also mentioned that many of her friends are in a similar financial situation.

In addition to her job, she takes care of her elderly mother. Despite the challenges of working with younger children at her age, Duddridge enjoys her job and the interaction with the kids. As prices continue to rise, she even charges her family for the Christmas feast, including her grandchildren. The amount varies depending on the age of the family members, with adult children paying £15, younger children paying £5, and the youngest ones paying £2.50. Duddridge keeps track of the payments and reminds those who haven’t paid by the deadline. She justifies her approach by explaining that she spends a considerable amount of time finding the best prices and bargains for the meal. The money she charges also covers the cost of electricity during the holiday season. While some may criticize her for charging her family, Duddridge sees it as an important life lesson and admires her older grandchildren for trying to earn some of their money back by helping her.

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