Woman Claims Partner Impregnates Her Annually to Avoid Periods

Chantel Schnider, an influencer on social media, has caused a stir with a viral video where she discusses her unique method of dealing with her periods. In the video, Schnider reveals that her partner impregnates her every year to avoid having to experience the pain, mood swings, and hormonal changes associated with menstruation. The video garnered mixed reactions from viewers, with some expressing support for Schnider’s decision to prioritize her comfort and others criticizing her approach.

Despite the backlash, Schnider remains unapologetic and defended her choice in the comment section of the video. She shared that she and her partner aspire to have a large family, aiming for a total of eight to ten children. Some individuals who already have multiple children empathized with Schnider’s desire for a big family and praised her unconventional approach.

However, not everyone agreed with Schnider’s decision. Some social media users suggested that she should simply use birth control instead of relying on pregnancy as a means to avoid periods. There were also concerns raised about the toll that frequent pregnancies might take on Schnider’s physical and mental health.

While the video sparked a debate and received both support and criticism, it highlighted the different perspectives and choices women have when it comes to managing their menstrual cycles and family planning. Schnider’s story serves as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that personal preferences and circumstances vary from person to person.

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