At 72, Jane Seymour Shares Heartwarming Photos of “Beautiful” Twin Sons Born at 44

Renowned movie star Jane Seymour recently delighted her fans by sharing heartwarming photos of her twin sons, born when she was 44 years old. Despite facing challenges on her journey to motherhood, Seymour is now able to enjoy the precious moments with her grown-up boys.

Jane Seymour is not only known for her successful acting career but also for her personal triumphs and struggles. As a mother, she finds immense joy in her role, even though her path to parenthood has been marked by four marriages and four children.

Seymour’s first marriage was to Hollywood royalty and film director Michael Attenborough, which lasted from 1971 to 1973. After a four-year break from marriage, she tied the knot with author Geoffrey Planer in 1977. However, their union ended after just one year. Seymour then had a brief relationship with fellow star Christopher Reeve, but they separated when it was revealed that Reeve’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his child.

In her third marriage to David Flynn, Seymour became a mother to two children, Katherine and Sean Flynn. The couple was together for 11 years, during which Seymour invested her fortune in a housing market business. Unfortunately, by the end of their marriage in 1992, she found herself bankrupt and financially drained.

A year later, Seymour met actor James Keach, with whom she worked on the show “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” They faced fertility issues and underwent multiple IVF treatments in their quest to have children. Seymour shared in an interview that she experienced the loss of two pregnancies before finally discovering three embryos that led to the birth of her twin sons, John Stacy and Kristopher. While one of the embryos did not develop well, the other two resulted in the birth of the twins.

However, Seymour’s challenges did not end there. The twins were born prematurely at six weeks due to preeclampsia, a condition that posed serious risks to both mother and babies. John even turned blue twice after they returned home, necessitating their immediate return to the hospital. Breastfeeding became another hurdle for Seymour, as she had to manage the demands of two babies simultaneously.

Despite these difficulties, Seymour remained active in her Hollywood career. She resumed filming “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and enlisted help to care for her twin boys during the night. Watching her sons grow stronger each day brought her immense joy, and they developed a strong bond from an early age.

Speaking about her experience as an older woman giving birth, Seymour highlighted the challenges she faced and the life-threatening complications of preeclampsia. Nevertheless, she expressed gratitude that her twins have grown beyond the delicate years, and she continues to cherish the precious moments they share as a family.

In a recent Facebook post, Seymour shared a photo of her adult twin sons standing tall and handsome beside her. Fans flooded the comments section with admiration for the actress and her children, describing them as beautiful and handsome young men. Despite the challenges she encountered during their birth, Seymour’s twins have thrived, and their bond with their mother remains strong.

Jane Seymour’s journey to motherhood was filled with ups and downs, but she has emerged as a proud and loving mother to her twin sons. Her ability to relish the good times with them years after their challenging birth is truly heartwarming. The story serves as an inspiration to others and showcases the enduring love between a mother and her children.

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