56-year-old Pamela Anderson admitted why she suddenly changed her image and gave up makeup

Pamela Anderson, the 56-year-old actress and former Baywatch star, recently made a surprising transformation by completely abandoning makeup and embracing a natural image.

She unveiled her new look during Paris Fashion Week, causing a stir among internet users who had mixed opinions about her change. In a fresh interview with The Daily Telegraph, Anderson explained that her recent TV project, Pamela’s Garden of Eden, inspired her to present herself authentically both on screen and in real life. She expressed a desire to be true to herself and to experience a sense of freedom, which led her to make the decision to forgo makeup.

Anderson reflected on the experience, likening it to feeling like a young girl from a small Canadian town who had the opportunity to wear a Victoria Beckham dress.

Despite not expecting the attention her new image received, she acknowledged that it was not intended as a grand statement, but rather a personal choice to no longer spend hours in the makeup artist’s chair.

The rarity of unfiltered and unretouched images among Hollywood celebrities contributed to the hype surrounding Anderson’s new look, and her radiant smile served as a reminder that self-acceptance and inner harmony are timeless sources of beauty.

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